The BEST Response to A Question About Your Fitness Products, Services and Prices


Your best answer is a question. You don’t dodge the question but you have to answer based on the clearly indicated, “It depends,” that’s true of every service situation. If you have one service or product and one price you are the exception to the rule. Yet, this BEST respond still fits YOU.

I’d love to answer that question, but first I’d love to hear more about you. What makes you ask – what are you doing for your health and personal best right now?

or the same start with … What makes you ask – are you setting some exciting new goals this year?

What makes you ask – what kind of plan are you following right now?

Several of those responses are “right” and work because:

You imply that they are reaching for a “personal best” … and it makes them think, huh, am I?

You suggest they could do something exciting this year instead of a same old boring routine or “get more exercise this year”

You suggest they have a “plan” and if they don’t chances are they’ll say “oh, I don’t know if I’d say I have a plan” and you have an open door to ask a few more questions…. so you just kind of try to get there? You have kind of a random idea of how many times you go to the gym? What happens when you get there? How do you decide what to do? Are you getting great results? Feeling amazing?

That’s a much more interesting conversation…and it may never come back to your prices. It should end with an appointment for lunch or for a complimentary session (lunch is better…non-threatening) about the plan, what you’d recommend, and how you can help.


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