10 BEST Fitness Business Podcasts of 2018

This post is the annual countdown of the best fitness business podcasts of 2018 from Fitnessmarketingmastery.com/bestof2018 They’re the most downloaded, most listened to, commented on of the past 12 months.

List from the links here at fitnessmarketingmastery.com where you can also access the show notes and resources mentioned in the show. You can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes to hear them all conveniently every week.


Using Lab Tests and Nutrition Coaching to Grow Your Business 12/11/17


Planning Content That Fills Your Fitness Programs 1/27/18


5 Quick Ways to Buff Your Fitness Brand 2/20/18


7 Professional Secrets of Personal Training 5/29/18

[with a free workbook]


How to Get More Personal Training Clients 6/11/18


Two American Council on Exercise Fitness Professionals 7/15/18

best fitness business podcasts


How to Choose Your Next Fitness Conference 9/19/18


4 Ways to Get More Fitness Clients Faster 11/19/18


Annual Planning Steps for Your Personal Training Business 12/11/18


The Best Way to a Lucrative Fitness Career 12/2/18

There you have it, the best fitness business podcasts of 2018.

What’s coming up in 2019?

Fitness Business Book Club

We’re doing a book club. Every month we’ll review a new book and essentially give you the cliff notes on it. So you can either decide it’s a must read, or we’ll save you the time and give you the highlights and takeaways.

My co-host for the book reviews has been an operating manager and owner in sometimes up to six fitness centers a day, running meetings, interviewing, hiring, designing facilities, and making fitness businesses profitable for 40 years. You’ll hear both our sides of the books and how you can use them for your own benefit no matter what role you have in your business success.

Fitness Business for the Over 50 Market

I’m also going to dive into more content surrounding how to help your adults over 50 and grow your business in doing so. I’ll be talking about hormones, lab testing for DNA, micronutrients, as well as hormones, and how you can be a part of the future of fitness and health coaching that will change the way you personal train.

Fitness Business Marketing

And as always I’ll be sharing best practices with you about improving your marketing success so you can grow your business with social media, email marketing, new revenue streams, and simple business tricks that can leverage your knowledge and skills.

2019 is going to be bright. If you’re listening to this at the end of 2018, I’ll see you next year! You have an incredible opportunity to make a difference and create a life and a business you love. I’d be honored if you join me right back here as we roll out the best fitness business podcasts of 2019.

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