Top 10 BEST Health Coaching Business Podcasts of 2022

In this best health coaching business podcasts year-end countdown episode, I give you what you voted based on downloads as the best of 2022. This year clearly it was tips and tricks to market to train your menopause fitness clients, and featured 3 expert interviews. 

In Letterman style countdown here it is. All the episode links will be included in the show notes so you can catch up on any you missed. 

#10 ​​Fitness Trainer Opportunities Right Now 

You can see fitness trainer opportunities or you can see obstacles with gyms at low capacity and so many virtual programs. How would you like to sit down with an expert at getting seen and heard when it’s not easy? Guest JJ Virgin brings her years of expertise to this episode.

That’s just what you’ll find in this episode full of health coach and fitness trainer opportunities.

#9 4 More Better Fitness Marketing Tips 

There are better fitness marketing tools than a newsletter. There are better fitness marketing tools than Tic Tok if you don’t have a back end that makes sense and attracts new subscribers. 

Are you inviting people to your email newsletter? That one died in the early 2000s. This episode will bring you into the future with better ways to let the world know about you.

#8 I Hate Exercise | Psychology Health 

Behavior change is hard. And if you know that all too well, say you’ve seen your detailed exercise prescription fall by the wayside and clients fall off the bandwagon, then this episode may give you some insight into why. 

Mike Kelly is my guest on this episode and as an expert in exercise psychology since 1989, his topic is one that we’ve not made enough progress in since 35 years ago when I entered grad school committed to creating better ways to facilitate behavior change.

#7 How to Pivot Your Fitness Brand

If you’re scared, frustrated, or feeling unrewarded for the hard work you’re doing, listen in. No one has a smooth ride all the way through and Natalie Jill is no different. As you hear her resilience, you may recognize some of the fight in you too. 

There’s a place and a need for your fitness brand right now. Here’s how to pivot what you may be doing and turn it into better results.

#6 Find Clients and Students for Your Programs 

If you’re a trainer or health coach with all the certs, and education, a desire to serve and to make a living, it doesn’t matter if you can’t find clients and students for your fitness programs. But there’s such an obvious need. So the question isn’t is there demand. It’s where they are, how do you get them (instead of letting them find another option). It’s also getting out of your head the idea that to find clients and students for your fitness programs isn’t the problem. If you believe that there’s too much competition, you’re sunk.

There is room for all of us. This episode will show you how.

You’re half way in this BEST Health Coaching Business Podcasts of 2022 roundup. You’ve got endurance! Do you have the answers to hot flashes, belly fat, weight loss resistance and adrenal fatigue for your clients? Are they suffering from exercise intolerance and how do you know? 

For answers to this and more so you can coach your clients… and yourself … the Flipping50® Menopause Fitness Specialist course is designed to give you more than the CECs you need. It’s designed to give you the answers your clients – millions of potential clients are looking for. 

Learn more at: 

#5 10 Instagram Secrets for Better Posts

If you think there are Instagram secrets that magically will gain you verified status, grow your followers by 10k or… that you even want to do that… this is not your episode! 

Oh, and if you’re being asked to invest 1-2K to grow your followers by 10K on the daily, don’t! It’s so tempting right? Even though it’s going to ultimately hurt you when you have zero engagement… it sounds like something you can almost justify. 

Try the tips inside this episode instead.

#4 5 Marketing Ideas for Female Fitness Business Owners

In this episode, I share 5 marketing ideas for Female fitness and health business owners. If you’re stuck.. this will help you get unstuck! They’re not rocket science. But as I’m recording this on a Monday morning, I know that this morning maybe more than most can be a pain point for fitness and health coaches. If you aren’t full, if you didn’t have a lot of calls and inquiries, and maybe especially if you tried to work through the weekend (but even if you tried taking time off), it’s tough to feel like you’re doing enough.

So, these 5 marketing ideas have little to do with doing more. They’re really about some things you already have and using them better.

#3 3 Fast Ways to Better Results for Menopause Fitness Clients 

If you have a female training client, I can almost guarantee she wants it all, AND is overwhelmed before she starts.

You, dear trainer (or health coach) will be tempted to give them the diet changes, the hydration goals, and the exercise to do all at once. And they will start on Monday and blow it by Wednesday and come back to you next week sheepish, feeling like a failure already. 

So don’t! In this episode I show you how to get much faster results with uncommon strategies.

#2 Marketing Health | Every Day… 

Marketing health is no small task. It’s the biggest part of running a business. Often, a year (or less) into deciding they want to be a health or fitness pro, some of the best pros realize that the training, coaching, and movement they love doesn’t matter or take up the majority of their time. It’s the marketing that does.

#1 12 Content Ideas for Health & Fitness Pros

Whether it’s email, blogs, or social media posts, the number of content ideas you need is endless. Before I go further, I will say that having a strategy around your content is crucial for it to be successful.

For social media posts? You don’t have to and don’t need original content in each of these places.

Your original content should live at your site. That’s where your content ideas are going to work for you most. The posts you do on social are the next step. If you’re a coach or trainer with longevity, substance, and here for the long haul, those here now gone tomorrow posts are not what you want to invest your time and energy in.

This is your resource for ideas that will help you now and throughout 2023.

There you have it, the BEST Health Coaching Business Podcasts of 2022 from She Means Fitness Business. Stay tuned, 2023 is right around the corner with 20 ways to market your health coaching business, coming up! 



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