Best Fitness Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring Practices with Debi Pillarella

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How do you hire? It’s a skill set we often don’t come to the fitness profession with. If you’ve grown up through the ranks of fitness trainer to having a business of your own it’s a guessing game that can cost you. 

If your business is dependant on customer care and liability is a concern, the right person is key. 

What works? What mistakes should you avoid? 

Guest Debi Pillarella has 30 years fitness industry experience. With 80 employees and an 80% retention rate at Community Hospital’s Fitness Pointe in Indiana she’s learned the ropes. Hear what she has to say, whether your interviewing or the interviewee. 

The resources she mentions include: Match, Top Grading, and Ask The Right Questions Hire The Right Person

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See a written transcript of this podcast at by using the fitness professionals tab and The Dollars and Sense of Selling Exercise blog. 

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