The Sneaky Survey that Makes You The Best Fitness Pro in Town in 2019

Be The Best Fitness Pro in Town in 2019

best fitness pro

With a fitness business on every block and hundreds of thousands of choices at your prospect’s fingertips you want to be the best fitness pro in town. 

Every time you interact… send a follow up survey. 


  • How was your membership visit? 
  • How was your swimming lesson?
  • How was your personal training session?
  • How was your fitness consultation? 

You can stop at that. You’d only need to follow up on those ratings that are a 3 or lower on a 5 scale, or a 6 or lower on a 10 scale. 

Or you can use an intelligent response! In that case, IF someone said anything less than a 5/5 or 10/10 you’d ask… what would have made this a 5 or a 10 for you? 


If you fear it, you will probably benefit most from doing it. 

Do it internally too. That’s only fair. 

Every time you have a staff meeting, send out a survey to attendees and ask how you did, no matter who runs the meeting. If there’s a personal training meeting, send it to the personal training staff. If there’s a manager’s meeting, send it to all in attendance. 

It’s simple and short: 

  1. How would you rate the staff meeting?
  2. What topics would you like to see included in staff meetings?
  3. Any additional comments you’d like to make?

Who’s going to see these? YOU if you’re the boss. You should have someone who’s job it is to get the results and summarize them for you. 

Typeform is a simple survey or quiz tool you can create that does have intelligence to change what happens next based on how a customer responds. 

Not to state the obvious but, your performance and that of your staff is likely to level up just knowing that you’re sending these. You’ll learn what the most irritating thing about your services are to your customers. You’ll learn if your few minutes late habit is a problem. 

You’ll be able to change before you lose a customer. 

Better yet, you’re also giving your customers a chance to say what they really appreciate. And that is about how to attract new customers by including it in your marketing materials. 

Telling prospects that you do this – survey them regularly for feedback- may result in what feels like a guarantee of good service for them. 

Do this now. No matter when you’re reading it. It is a total game changer for your business. 

best fitness pro

Decide how to be the best fitness pro in town with a market that wants you now! 

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