Do You Believe Your Personal Training Service is Worth It

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If you struggle with the fact that you love what you do so much that you’d do it for free – and do – making a living at it will always be a challenge.

Fitness is a business. What we’re seeing is business-minded individuals invest and buy failing owners and successfully run a profitable business. They know the value and have no personal conflict with value and price. It will continue until the educated and credible trainers adapt a business mindset.

I was an honored guest on a new podcast last week. It was an “all things business” theme. And the host slid in late in the hour show a question about money, as if it was a negative subject. The way she asked said everything that’s wrong about fitness professionals and business.

Monday is not the root of all evil. It is the root of all good. You can’t help more people, do more good, improve the lives and opportunities to both your customers and employees or your family without it. If you don’t have it it’s all you think about and it gets in the way of you making the best decisions.

You’ll find excuses, you’ll convince yourself that you “don’t really have to do this, you just love it” and you’ll undercut your rate and in the end hurt the personal training industry.

Let’s face it – we’re all walking around struggling with self-worth. Am I really that good? Am I faking?? Will someone see through me? And realize it?

That, is human nature. If the person next to you says they don’t think it they’re lying – to themselves maybe. 

You’ve got to deal with this emotional baggage. Another conference won’t make you more confident. Why? Because if you go feeling like this you’ll look around and convince yourself everyone is more fit, more educated, more outgoing, more…. while of course you’re less.

Get some help finding your gifts. Other people can see it so far much more clearly than you. If you compete you will lose. If you create you will win. You can’t copy and use other people’s words. I watched trainers do it… thinking they were building their voices… but in reality they only had new information when they read a book, watched a video, went to a conference….and the ideas were someone else’s.

The few who realized that doing it uniquely and different instead of copycatting… are in lucrative positions. The others? are selling or promoting someone else’s products and services.

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