7 Tips to be a Personal Trainer Every Midlife Woman Wants to Work With

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You can be a personal trainer every client wants to work with. Though I’d argue you only want to focus on being the one your ideal clients want to work with.

Now is the time to learn the skills and spend the time taking the right steps. In this episode I share 7 tips you can use right now.

If you really want to be a personal trainer every woman in menopause wants you want to look at the Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist.

  1. You can be a personal trainer right now easier than ever if you’re surrounded by trainers who can only offer the same service they were offering in February. This is the perfect time to make a move, grow your business, and create a deep niche.
  2. Wanting to make more money personal training and not calling customers daily is like brushing your teeth while you eat Oreos.
  3. Using social media and not doing live video is like taking a shower without using soap.
  4. Giving a woman in menopause a HIIT workout late in the day is like lighting a match in the Australian bush.
  5. Suggesting your client workout as soon as she wakes up is like insurance for physical therapists & chiropractors.
  6. Telling your menopause client to do Tabata is like telling her she is an elite male cyclist.
  7. Few clients come looking for “Pilates” with urgency. 90% of clients come looking for solutions to problems. If Pilates is your platform, speak in solutions, introduce Pilates later.

That’s all 7 Tips to be a Personal Trainer

There you have it. Seven tips to be a personal trainer every midlife woman wants. (and tells her friends about)

If you want to be a personal trainer anyone wants you first want to let them see you in a way that they can see a glimpse of themselves in you. That doesn’t mean that as a female in her 30s or 40s you can’t work with men in their 60s or 70s. It doesn’t mean as a male you can’t work with young female athletes. It does mean you have to be willing to show something in you that will resonate with the clients you want. Is that thing vulnerability, drive, a chronic illness, is it a desire? Figuring out what that is, is your job.

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