How to Avoid the Quick Tour (or Consult) and Bye Buy


Have you done this? Someone has called you and asked about your service. Someone has walked in and asked about personal training. Someone walks up and asks how training works.

You offer some information and a way out.

You don’t want to be pushy, salesy or sleazy.

So you don’t even really try.

What to do:

Practice. If you don’t have the language and the “marketing bank” ready you will be “winging it.” If you wing it when it comes to earning a living? How well has that worked for you?

Create an irresistible** offer. Never let someone walk away. The statistics are that by the time someone walks in or asks you they are about 80% sold. Your job (to quote Hitch) is to not screw it up! If they walk in….it should be done.

See above…the more calls you make and appointments you book..who DO walk in…the greater your chance to begin working with a new customer.

**Get them started NOW. A week free…it starts today and goes 7 days. A month free…and you take the credit card and begin charging after 30 days unless they cancel.

**Book them for a complimentary session or series. Better yet, do the first one now.

**Make directed visits the rule not the exception. Schedule them for classes, group sessions, private training and do it NOW. Hand them the card as if the instructor, trainer, or class will be expecting them.

You want customers you’re a good match for and your customer wants to get started (or they wouldn’t have called or come in). Truth is a lot of people “shop” and get satisfied for looking. Surprise them don’t just be nice to them.

Be real with them. Tell them what they need to hear. “Nice” doesn’t get the job done. Sometimes the truth isn’t nice but it’s necessary.

Back to my series on behavior change…for the fitness professional who becomes profitable doing what she loves… (if you missed the first #1 and #2 go back and do them!) If you want to fill your schedule with customers who are 80% ready to buy:

3. Call one prospect (new or prior client) every day

After I _________________________________________

I will ___________________________________________

e.g.  After I do my workout/stretch/meditation I will make my ONE CALL.


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