3 Ways to Avoid Burnout for Fitness Professionals Post Pandemic

#288 Avoid burnout post pandemic no matter what the reason you have it.

Stop scrambling to compete with someone else.

The best way to beat comparison mode is two things:

  • Know your customer better than everyone else

            What are the problems they have and want solved right now?

            What do they know now and what do you want them to know?    

            What do they feel now and what do you want them to feel? (all things you can learn in my Copywriting Course)

            Are you focused on a budget-minded shopper or someone who will spend whatever?

            Does your appearance, brand, and stance attract her or repel?

  • Rise above the noise

            Instead of competing and worrying about what someone does, do your thing. No one can compete with you being better and ahead.

Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and what parts you like and do more of that.

If what you love is teaching fitness, say you love it as much as I love researching science and breaking it down into applicable actions, then figure out a way to do more of it.

You’ve got to do the basics of choosing the right audience, knowing how to reach them, understanding how to create a funnel. But then you can and should do the things that light you up and less of those things that make the light go out.

Keep it simple instead of buying all the things you very likely don’t need.

You don’t need a YouTube channel and a podcast, and a blog all at once. Two things inform how you create valuable content. (By the way content that you share via email – if you’re still focused on social media first, you’ve got it backwards. Content starts at your website. Then you share it with your social media posts. You always, always, want to bring people to your website.)

Resources Mentioned:

CopyWriting for Marketing to Women course

Flipping50 Fitness Specialist Masterclass

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