Debra Atkinson

Finding Clients

Creating prospects is not hard! It’s just easy to forget work when you leave the gym or club! Get yourself in the habit of networking in person! Social Media Marketing is great- for people you never come in contact with otherwise but it can’t replace YOU in person and the influence and laws of attraction you have for influencing more people to become active clients!

Personal Training Business School

Make sure you know the business of personal training. Closing the sale to get the client depends on your finding out what the motivating factor is for getting started today. The emotionally motivating factor. Probing questions, rather than jumping to an empty solution, are the ticket to more successful closings and new clients.

Creating a Fitness Niche

You don’t want to expand your reach to an ever-growing population and end up catching fewer people in your net. You want your focused message to speak loud and clear to a specific population and draw them to your services and products. Keep fewer customers happier and be the best at doing it can be more profitable and fun for you than trying to keep everyone happy.

Promoting Personal Training

They won’t come in the door, you’ll have to go get them. You have to walk and talk and think as they do. You have to consider whether your appearance and uniform and personality may intimidate them. Then at least you’ll have the beginnings of a plan to help yourself be more successful at a career that you were likely drawn to out of passion.

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