Athletic Business Conference 2015 New and Notes from Day 1

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Continuing Education Is A Must!

That’s something you already know.

But where do you spend your CEC time, money, and energy?

This post shares not a topic-rich focus on learning but the overview of what I’m seeing and hearing from people in the halls at this conference. One thing for certain: this is a mature audience. More are over 40 than under 40. This is an educated and savvy group of folks who seek a higher level of knowledge and have the experience to apply it.

From learning how to coaching and the language to use… to the exercise protocols for a specific physical problem… to the lifestyle factors that determine the positive effect of those protocols… to the social media or other marketing that it takes to tell the world you have these skills and you are the answer…choosing where to focus is a skill all it’s own.

If you don’t decide before you look at the brochure, one this is for sure… you allow someone else to choose for you. You begin, instead of determining what you need for the next step of your growth, choosing what sounds good to you (and is marketing propaganda) from the menu. Sound vaguely familiar? It’s like what you or I or a customer might do and regret at the holiday buffet next week if we don’t have a plan before we get there.

I don’t know about you and your clients but I’ve had a week full of talking about holiday plans that work around family emotions, travel, dealing with food pushers, and questioning whether old traditions are really loved traditions we want to partake in – or just habits. We’ve come up with a plan based on success during this next 10 days that will involve multiple temptations.


I suggest fitness professionals do the same. You need to truly assess where you want to go, how you want to grow, and what you need to know to do it. Then choose the content you really need. You may find in fact it’s not a topic matter about your population or your protocol but confidence. Do you need action steps to use what you do know? Or do you really not have an idea how to work with a particular case study that you want to break into? Those are two different problems.

You may need to work on confidence, relating, and how you market to attract, then sell someone. The need for that skill will never go away.

On the other hand maybe you do have a constant supply of traffic ready-to-buy but you’re just not skilled in the new area of problems you’re seeing.

Maybe you can do both serve and sell customers easily but you need more of the right ones to find you. You need marketing.

Choose your growth area. Score yourself in your strengths and opportunities. Do you need to do it or delegate it?

When you approach your 2016 in this way you’ll be ready to apply when you return to the studio or the gym space after learning experiences in a way that will catapult your business. Business as usual will get you similar results, potentially less even, and only a slim chance of more. You have to remember that other people are getting education too. Other competitors. There are more ways for a consumer to get answers.

Be the answer with a narrow focus on your game plan and strategy for 2016.


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