I asked 20K Baby Boomers what their frustrations were – do you know what they said?

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GUESS WHAT THEY SAID was their biggest frustration…

Out of all the possible answers below to the question “what’s your biggest diet/exercise or lifestyle frustration?”…what three do you think were the most common answers?

1. knowing what to eat

2. knowing when to eat 

3. following through with eating the right thing (I already know what it is)

4. getting motivated to eat the right things

5. knowing how to exercise

6. following through with exercise

7. avoiding getting hurt when exercising

8. finding time to exercise

9. getting enough sleep

10. reducing stress

11. economical way to get good food

12. economical way to get exercise support

13. medications I’m on and want to get off

What were the top 3? Do you hear them too? 

If you respond I’ll send you the results of the actual Boomer Poll.

Here’s why you care. It’s from that list of answers I’ll design my next product or service. I know what they WANT. I know what they are most willing to PAY for. And I know how to put it in their words because …they gave them to me.

If you’re still selling things that you think people NEED without checking in with them about what they WANT and what problems they want to GO AWAY… unless it’s working out so well that you have a big tax payment to make this year… this is a much better way to create and program.

Respond with what you think THEY SAID. After all, the only thing that matters is what they say, think and do.


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