Ask Permission to Sell

Have you had any direct marketing calls during dinner lately? A mailbox full of colorful oversized postcard flyers? And inbox of opportunities? And you hung up, filed in the circular file without reading and deleted?

So a waste of time, money and energy on the marketer’s and your part right?

What you might remember is the irritation.

That’s not the impression you want to leave on a customer right? So you need to find a way to be invited to contact a prospect. Do your homework and they’ll grant you that permission to get in their inbox, mailbox or to call their cell.

No matter what your budget is (of time, money, or creativity) you can start with something on this list. Pick three and work on them this week. Busy season is about to be here…are you going to maximize it?

1. Place lead boxes in businesses you do business with. You can find acrylic lead boxes online and personalize them and even change that out frequently so potential customers keep looking. Contact the owner, or ask them while your dining at their restaurant, picking up your drycleaning, ordering your coffee – you get the idea. Provide a free monthto the ‘winner’ and call everyone for a free week.

2. Create an electronic newsletter and send to all your current clients. Ask them to forward to their friends. Within every newsletter include information-strong articles that provide value to your target market. Post signs everywhere you can to invite subscribers that “don’t want to miss this!”

3. Leave a lead box on your own front desk. You’ll find out just how many of your own members may not be aware of a specific service you offer. Give those who request it a complimentary consultation about it.

4. Add an opportunity to “___ check here for more information” or to be called for more information to an evaluation you can use after any service. The check boxes provide information about other services you offer or want to find out if their is demand for (corporate presentations, executive fitness package, ultimate assessment, nutrition plans).

5. Post a flyer and leave your number and invite a text to be one of the “first five” or “first 10” receiving a free gift with purchase or registration. You then have their phone and contact info to upsell them with additional services to add value to what they already are interested in..

6. Use your social media outlets. Post a facebook- only special but make them act by contacting you with their phone number or email. Tweet about a special class or session you’re offering to a limited number of people. Have them sign in before class and fill out an evaluation as above after.

7. Provide a free seminar open to the public. Videotape it with even just a flip cam. Post parts to your website, facebook and tweet about it. Make sure you market it weeks in advance and provide doorprizes and goodie bags for you attendees. If you do this well, people will spread the word and your next one will be that much bigger. In your evaluation form provide a chance to ask for more information about… and a coupon for a discount on a service you just whet their appetite about that expires in two weeks.

Go into action. Get permission. Then stay out late doing the work that will reap rewards.

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