Are You Researching …or are you …

 In professional development


Chances are something else has gotten in the way of your time, energy, and money.

It’s easy to believe that you should take your time plotting your strategy. Like hiring new staff, for instance, the old cliche is usually a smart one: hire slow, fire fast. Hire slow, train thoroughly, in fact.

What if you’re a pro at research though? So much that someone else might call procrastination. It gets tricky if you consider some of us (I’m one) move fast, come up with ideas quickly, like to implement them and wonder what everyone else is waiting for…. and some of us (I’m not this one…and even writing about it makes me really have to think what this is like) like attention to detail and like to stay fully organized and really understand something completely.

At some point no matter which one you are if you’re going to succeed at business, you will have to get in and end the research and start the hands-on school of learning. If you’re talking about digging a hole to build a building that research stage should probably take longer. You want the right size, the strong foundation. Yet, if you’re talking about growth and you know you need revenue you need to know what you do, what customers value and you need to offer services they value.

Looking for that perfect opportunity…the one unique thing you were meant to do… may never come until you start. Your plan may change. Siri reroutes all the time. Yet, without something…mistakes even, to build on, you can’t get to a “next” place.

Get real with yourself and ask whether you’re really doing research and design or whether your procrastinating digging in because you’re afraid of something better coming along. Those better things usually do but only when you’re creating something.

Just start.

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