Your Fitness Business Annual Plan Step-by-Step

Got that annual plan done?

What do you wish was different right now – so you can change what you’re doing and not repeat this same situation next year? That’s the subject of this updated podcast originally published in 2019. It’s still as gold as it was then even though MUCH has changed for the world. Creating an annual plan is still important. And even when 2020 came and no one felt they had control of any plan, it still helps to have one to give everything relevance. 

 Whether you go by fiscal or calendar year, and even in these unpredictable times (down one month, double the next) you do need a plan.

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Your Annual Planning and Analysis informs:

1. What should you be doing more of?

What do you love doing in your business? (What are you going to spend more time doing in 2023?) Your annual planning should definitely help you there.

2. What should you be doing less of?

What do you hate doing in your business? (What do you need to/or want to stop doing as soon as you can?) You’ve both got to give up things you don’t like, and potentially some you do when you’re creating an annual plan because there are things that ONLY you can do and you want to leave yourself some time to do them well.

3. Use your numbers to create the annual plan (so you’re planning to be successful)!

What earned you the most money? What bombed?  Do you need to revamp the program or is it the marketing? Your revenue – your expenses = your total net (before taxes).

For me this is an eye opener every time I do it. Some of those little projects I’ve created I’ve forgotten about promoting. So no surprise that they didn’t do well, except, it is a surprise. When you’re so busy that you forget to promote something? Clearly something needs to go!

4. How much do you want to make in the next year?

See a clear vision for how that’s going to change your life or your family’s life. What will it make you able to do more or less of? How will it ease burden change your family dynamics?

5. How are you going to make money this year?

What are the big things you’re going to promote?

If you’re listing things that you sold this year and the revenue you want to earn isn’t what you did earn, then you’ve got to decide if you’re going to promote the same programs more, increase your rates, or create more programs.

Just a hint – a lot of fitness experts create create, create, create,  but fail to promote enough consistently to get those programs off the ground. More programs might be more confusion for your customers. Create ONE awesome program and promote it like crazy! First. Then build a “what’s next” program.

This is one area where even though I do promote and I’m on top of the need to market, I need help actually doing the marketing. I dream about a working vacation so I can just focus on doing nothing but creating promotions for a week. Sick, right? When really I should hire someone who is doing this on a weekly basis.

6. When are you going to promote them(those money makers)? 

(When do programs launch? When do you start the promo period?) Add these to the calendar. They are hard dates that have to happen.

7. What are you going to let go of?

Most likely there’s something whether it’s an idea, thoughts about yourself, or it’s actions that you can’t do any longer if you’re going to rise up.

8. Who do you need to be?

What kinds of self-care do you need to be doing? What kind of standards do you need to have? If you see yourself as someone earning a million dollars, how do you need to be every day to do that? Start waking up as that person as soon as possible. I happen to think I need to be someone that meditates and stays calm and expresses gratitude more than I may have taken time to do in the past. So I am. Don’t wait to get where you’re going to become the person you want to be. 

Do you have an annual plan? Share how and when you create it and what tools you use!

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