What to always do and never do for Public Speaking profit

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What’s the Number One Source of New Personal Training Clients?

Bingo. Public Speaking.

Yet, few trainers do it. On purpose, with intent and strategically.

I don’t mean setting a goal to do a number of presentations a month. I don’t mean hosting or external speaking.

That’s a part of it, but saying yes to someone who calls looking for a speaker is entirely different than booking an event once or twice a month to attract new customers with new topics and times of day that matter.

That in fact would be like waiting for a customer to say they want personal training. If that’s how you get your clients? You don’t go out and get them and decide with intent how many, when, how much … you’re personal training. You’re just not in the business of personal training.

A. What do you do before an event?

B. What do you do or say during?

C. What do you do after?

These are what make a presentation “nice” or make it profitable.

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