Do Your Ads Hit the Right Emotional Cord to Win Customers?

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Thank goodness! I think I was blowing both anyway!

What does work in ads and marketing is emotion. Rarely though do I see it used well on the grass roots level. That is, if I walk through a fitness center or click on a website (the fitness marketing geek in me does this about 4 times a day) I see flyers – marketing – that promotes based on a title, whose teaching it and what is going to happen in the session.

Sometimes theres the what day, what time mundane details and the price.

ALMOST NEVER do I see an emotional reason I should even remember the name of the dang class after I get home.

“Try Coaching with Sally…for more energy and happiness.”

“Kettlebell and TRX Sessions for all levels with Master Trainer Chuckie”

“Jump and Pump Express Sessions with Lucy”

(are you paying attention ? these are Peanuts characters)

But what I never see … or all too rarely is something that you will remember… like the Budweiser puppy commercial from the Superbowl this year. Do you remember it? (Comment below if you do… I want to know) The point is that was a couple months ago, right? Will the person who needs to remember your session advertisement even remember it when they get home?

What if you used plane tickets in your ad instead of showing the bench press? And said “Great adventures take us places. Great bodies take us better places.”

What if you used an older adult gardening with a hoe and boxes of flowers in your image instead of an older adult lifting pink dumbbells? And said “Great gardens grow beautiful colors. Great bodies grow beautifully bolder.”

Emotion. Now they “get” that you “get” them.

If you’re not doing things like this regularly? Are you just following the leader ? Doing what’s always been done? Ignoring what’s important to your customer?


What has been your best performing ad ever?

And don’t forget to comment on the puppy commercial- did you remember it ?

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