Adaptogens for Coaching Midlife Clients: How & When It Helps

Coaching midlife clients brings a new set of hormones, conditions, injuries, lifestyle habit challenges and stressors. You should have an equally robust toolbox expansion to go with it.

Consider this one episode that will help. In our Flipping 50 Menopause Specialist course there is a module dedicated to one of the topics we discuss today. You’ll hear my guest expert on adaptogens discuss just how you can find ways to inform your clients, support them through application, and in doing so, increase your value as a coach. 

I’m curious: have you tried adaptogens?

I’ve shared details about benefits of maca – and the difference in the quality and mysterious 11 strains that may or may not help a woman in previous Flipping 50 podcasts. I’ll link to that as well as to the brand that I recommend for clinical grade maca when someone truly wants to use an amount proven to support their needs. 

Others include ashwaganda, rhodiola, and we’ll talk about more on this and the other podcast. When you or your clients are looking for natural, this is a great solution! 

My Guest:

Danielle Ryan Broida is a pivotal voice in the functional food and wellness space. As a Registered Herbalist of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG), Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Instructor of Mycology, and Head of Education at Four Sigmatic, she is teaching the world about the importance of a life on super herbs and mushrooms for vitality, longevity, and better performance from brain to body. She is the author of a new book, Healing Adaptogens, published September 27, 2022.

Rapid Fire Questions we answer in this episode:

  • How can adaptogens help midlife female clients?
  • What are the most common questions midlife women ask about adaptogens? 
  • Is there any risk of drug or medication interaction? 
  • Do most adaptogens come in a dose recommendation based on weight or to-tolerance, or how is that addressed?

Listen to the full Flipping50 episode: https:///

My Foursigmatic coffee episodes are fewer and further between right now but I do love it and the wise addition to a habit most women already have. Why not make good habits all that easy to well, adapt? 

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