ABCs of Branding Your Fitness Business For More Business

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You want to Attract More customers, get more Business, and do that you need to Create Content that is uniquely you. We talk marketing and we talk branding all day. Many of us nod and many of us glaze over, knowing its important but not knowing really what’s at the heart of it. At the heart of your brand, no matter what you want it to be, is what your customer thinks you are. If you really want to find out what your brand is? Ask complete strangers on the street, eavesdrop on conversations in the lockerroom, and listen as people introduce you to someone new. 

That right now is your brand. You can change it if it isn’t what you hoped it is. Then again, if it’s working for you, you might simply want to realign with it better on all your marketing materials and choices. The first step is finding out what it is. Join us and join the recent blog posts this month (October 2014) at for more details on branding that sets you apart.

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