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Your 90 Day fitness marketing plan is 30 minutes away.

You’re going to have to do the work. But what it is will be clear.

But knowing exactly what you need to do and who on your team or when you are going to do it is half the reason you’re not closer to your goals now. That and the pandemic. But look, we all know it changed things. But it changed things for all.

So, it’s a level playing field. Do you think clients and customers who aren’t meeting you in person and utilizing you otherwise aren’t exercising? They are doing something, or will be. I could say, it may as well be you, but really I want to say heck, yeah it should be with you. It doesn’t make sense that it wouldn’t be you.

Create Your 90 Day Fitness Marketing Plan

But you’ve got to sit yourself down, take 30 minutes to map out your 90-day plan. Otherwise, my guess is all you’re going to do Monday is compare how bad this Monday is to how great one you had in January before this all started was.

You cannot compare now to then.

The next thing you’re going to do is keep yourself busy. But busy is not productive. If you don’t have a list of the things you need to be doing, you’re going to do something else. We can always find things ourselves or worse, someone else is going to hijack your time.

So once you’re settled in I want you to do the following things.

30 Minutes to map out your 90 day fitness marketing plan

Write down your big picture goals for 90 days. Ordinarily I’d ask you to include your year, but let’s face it, right now we’re trying to regroup, pivot, listen and respond and that annual goal may be something you have no idea about right now.

But 90 days? We can see that far.

  • What will it take to cover your bills?
  • What will it take to give you a little padding?

You should be making a profit.

Run what you do (even if you work for someone else) through the revenue and expense filter.

Side Note on “Business Expenses”

Seriously, buying Lululemons if you don’t need them can’t be a justified expense. But right now my suggestion would be even if it’s a personal want… that you don’t blur the boundaries here. Let’s be serious and cut expenses so you can get to profit again faster. If your jog bras are shredded and you really need one.. you could get it at Target.

Buying this end-of-season sale stuff at Athleta when you weren’t shopping is not a necessity, right? During good times you can do that. You can stock up. But now? It’s still money you have to spend you may not have or can’t predict you won’t truly need elsewhere.

Don’t be that person with a Suburban, gel nails, bleached hair, and new Lulus at the bank needing to talk about your options for bankruptcy or loans.

OK – end of rant.

Now what are the revenue drivers that you have or need to put in place right now to earn that number every month?

What kind of expense will you have in creating those products or services?

Be smart here. You need next to nothing in terms of expense to package and bundle a service that someone can buy on Venmo or PayPal from you today.

You can create documents online, you can use a free graphics editor like Canva. What is free but the most time consuming is getting copy writing down. You have to know how to create an offer. How to present an offer, and then get started.

Who needs to do the work?

Is that just creative time, research into big sellers for you in the past, looking at (purchasing or opting in for your competition’s services)?

When is it due?

Notice I didn’t ask how long it will take. Any task will expand to the time it is given. So decide.

How much revenue will it bring in?

For this you’re going to have to dig deep right? You’re projecting already how much you’re going to charge, how many you’re going to sell, and you’re going to have to have a game plan for selling that many.

If for instance, for every 10 people you talk to you sell 5, then you’ve got a 50% conversion rate. That means if you need to sell 10 of them a week you need to talk to 20 people – who are of course your ideal customer that you wrote the copy and script to persuade.

Your List

That also means… you have to start a list, reach out for those people so you can book the consults. Whether you call and say, “hey, I’ve been thinking about you and I’ve got an idea that will help you stay on track, would you like to hear about it?”

Or you email or text them something similar, you’ve got to have the plan for:

And you have to decide you’re going to hit that goal or higher by the deadine you set. If you don’t sell as well you have to talk to more people.

Did you notice what I just did? The words I used were “that goal or higher” and that’s what you want to be focused on. Be open to more.

There you have it. Let’s recap those steps and break them down into exactly what you can start working on today.

Key Point Summary:

  1. Set your goals – the revenue.
  2. Decide what product or services will get you there.
  3. Identify if these are new, or revised products and services and what has to be done to have them ready to sell.
  4. Determine how many you have to sell to reach your revenue goal.
  5. Determine how many people you need to talk to in order to sell that many people based on your conversion rate.
  6. Go into action with tasks added to your calendar or to your support staff’s calendar.

Notice social media wasn’t even mentioned. It’s probably got to be a part of the 90 day fitness marketing plan. But it is not the first thing. If you don’t have a plan, you don’t know what you should be posting on social media. If you’ve got that backwards, you’re wasting time money and energy and leaving money on the table.

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