6 Steps To Win In The New World of Personal Training

 In professional development

1. Stop calling yourself a personal trainer.

They’re a commodity. If a consumer is shopping they shop lowest rate of any commodity. Toilet paper, paper towels, napkins. You need to change your title for your own self-worth. You’ll start believing all you do is exchange an hour or half hour for money. You’re an expert who provides a solution to a problem. It has value for people. It should for you. What else can you call yourself?

2. Talk to everyone as if they are a real buyer but make it a short conversation if someone wants to “pick your brain.”

Talk to people who can afford you, are looking for you, and who have a problem they need solved that you know how to take care of.

3. Consistently create original content.

There are copy cats everywhere. They make your job easier if you’re willing to consistently put in the creative time to design original programs and marketing campaigns that are organized, thoughtful and unique to your customer. No blueprint or someone else’s headlines or subject lines will do that for you. Original stands out in this crowd of same-ness and lameness.

4. Spend time with people who challenge you more than you spend time with people who tell you you’re great.

If you want to be the best and create the best you have to find the people who will get you there. If you’re comfortable doing your best and calling it a day you miss growth necessary for a true leader.

5. Reinvent yourself continually.

You have to innovate. Don’t just redo your website to catch up. Is there something unique about it that you create to make your customers enjoy your service more? If you aren’t innovating and marketing on a regular frequent basis, like Peter Drucker said, you’re missing the two most important parts of being in business at all.

6. Be Bold.

Have an opinion. If you’re afraid to comment and post on social media, you’re not bold. People want strong leaders, not followers who are watching others be bold. You have to get in the race and declare what you know and see and care about. Defend it. Take a stand. Most people are scared. You’ll stand out.


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