6-Figure Months From 6 Mindset Shifts: Fitness Coaching Business

Dreaming of 6-figure months? Willing to settle for a 6-figure year? Well, listen, I was too. I went from a very comfortable, no debt, space to move and loved it. But wanted more…. You know more, right? 

Show Note: Almost 11 months ago I shared details about what it took to do this the first time. What I’ve learned in the process of rinse-and-repeat is here in this podcast. The first episode is linked below. 

Then I went from not even making 6-figure years to 6-figure months within 3 years. The difference? Well, the Menopause Fitness Specialist for one. Flipping 50’s Menopause Fitness Specialist course and Marketing to Women course have been super supporters of trainers and health coaches during the pandemic. 

But… There’s More

But it really wasn’t that. It was 6 different mindset shifts that I either made or helped other trainers make that helped me reach 6-figure months. I had these shifts or needed to revisit them. 

And I’m just going to share them with you. Because no matter where you are, you can potentially relate to this itch, desire, knowing you were meant to do more than you are now, but not knowing how or who gets it and you. 

I do, listener. So here it is. 

Stop thinking busy is productive

            You know what I mean. Not having a plan for today, yesterday or last week. Do things that have a direct link to either growing revenue or growing your audience: the two things that will grow your business. 

Do fewer but proven strategies.

            You don’t have to, and really you can’t, do it all. But you have to go all in on the few things that matter. At a point in your business life, that’s creating. Then it’s marketing what you created and servicing your customers. You show up, not only when you’re marketing, but when you’re servicing.

            Success leaves clues. Don’t copy but look at models right in front of you. 

Do the math and know what you need to do.

            Successful trainers have goals for each program. The revenue goals for a year convert to months. Revenue for a month converts to the revenue for a program, or the number of private clients. If you have a revenue goal, you then know how many of your services you’re going to sell. 

(See what I did there? I didn’t say need to sell. A truly committed entrepreneur commits to what they are going to do, talks about what they’re going to do, and does it. If you’re going to see how it goes, your mindset is not on your side.) 

It takes a village: support those that support you

            Surround yourself with others who are doing what you’re doing or want to do. It takes asking for help. Successful people never don’t have a coach or a mastermind. They try to be not the smartest, but the most eager to learn and openminded, coachable in the room. It’s a trait that can’t be ignored among every successful entrepreneur. Look at them and you’ll see at least one group and at least one coach. Many of us have more than one coach… a mastermind, a business coach, a marketing coach, a speaking coach, there will be a time when you want each of them. 

            Left to your own thoughts – or a half dozen podcasts, webinars, and workshops – you’ll slow your progress. You don’t want it too fast or too slow. 

Build an email list above all else.

            Not just build it, nurture it. Send them something they value at least once a week. More frequently is probably better if you’re going to keep them engaged. The 6-figure months were in large part due to my email list growth (and regular hygiene)!  

Do the right things consistently.  

            This means literally creating programs, tweaking programs, creating funnels, emails to your audience, looking at your conversion rates, and making calls. If you don’t have unlimited amounts of dollars to spend on advertising, then calling people is the fastest way to inject your business with revenue. Everyday call one person and ask them to become a client. 

If you speak, then you’re calling to get booked speaking. If you’re a coach, you’re calling every day to ask a client to be a coaching client. If you’re a personal trainer, you call one person every day to ask them to start, come back, or to refer a customer. Guess what? I have clients work with me for 12 weeks who are thrilled when clients ask to work with them one on one, but who won’t call people they know they could help. 

They say they don’t want to do that. They want to do programs. Programs unless they cost $5000 or $10,000 are a long game. You’re going to have to play the long game and build your brand by putting yourself out there to speak and talk and interact with big audiences for a small program revenue to work. 

Can you survive while you’re doing that? It’s very hard. 

Don’t complain about money you don’t have from work or commitments you’re not doing. 

That goes for relationships and work both. If you don’t show up consistently for someone, if something else is always more important or interrupts the things that make a difference… you’re not that committed. 

The 6-figure months are within anyone’s reach. You just have to know it’s what you want and set out a plan to reach it. 


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