50 Ways to Boost Your Fitness Leads, Sales, and Revenue

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The following was presented at IDEA Personal Training Institute in 2014. If you’re doing them now or considering adding one or more, the trick isn’t in doing it though that is a step. The first step is in knowing why. What’s the end result? Of course, you want to help people and offer value.

Beyond that, what is your call-to-action? Even trainers who are “full” struggle with this. When those nine people who will find you naturally, and their friends leave, what will you do? How do you market? If you offer a goodwill speech you still want to collect on it. If you gain the emails so that then you have a strategy with your email sequences to nurture the relationship.You don’t just have one because they’re on your list. 

You could get lucky and speak to a group of 50 uber-qualified ideal clients, or 400 of them. Yet, if you aren’t 100% sure what you want their next step to be – give you an email, for instance – you’re losing the opportunity. They may all want fitness, need fitness, and wish they were fit. But they will get busy, have 10 other ways to spend their time, money and energy before they’ll ever connect with you. 

It’s your job to move a relationship to the next step (and always know what that is) to take advantage of the opportunity to grow your personal training business and help people who want help!


1) Provide Free Corporate Hosted or onsite Events

2) Facebook > grow your list with Fan Page Tabs to email lists with gifts that attract customers

Hint: join my newsletter is code for “get more junk emails” and no one wants for that in 2015 and beyond!

3) Facebook Friendly activity: friend and follow, share and comment on “others” stuff in your community, literal if you’re brick and mortar or virtual if you’re not. 

4) Podcast

Guest on one, host one – but only if you’re willing to commit to it on a regular basis.

5) YouTube “how to” videos > Your site> Annotations

6) Charity Event Referral Generation

7) Landing (squeeze) pages specific to audience, situation, offer

8) Email Marketing 

9) Create a news-worthy press release for your local radio and TV

10) Write articles in your local women’s magazines, newspapers, anything with a byline and contact information.

11) Referral conditioning on social sites

12) Press/media releases regularly online

13) Use the platforms most used by your prospective customers (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Stumbled Upon) only if you’re committed to using them

14) Networking with local businesses

15) ebooks to Kindle, on website

16) Reports for free sign up to segment your list

17) Cookbooks compiled for your prospects

18) Teleclasses – offered for free, paid or bundled with a purchase

19) Online courses – hosted on your site, Udemy.com

20) Facebook sponsored and promoted ads> targeting your people

21) Create a Branded brief 3-5 min video with serene music in the background, stretches, breathing exercises

There are hundreds of jump-around, calorie-blasting exercise videos on Youtube. How many relaxation? Exactly. Run in that direction.

22) Create a (your) Branded Screen Saver for your corporate clients (or any) that’s a series of back and neck stretches, reminders of water, snacks, standing breaks. 

23) Never neglect to collect> email at minimum, name, phone optional

24) Always include Call-To-Action

That will force you to know what’s next. Truly, don’t start marketing until you know what you’re selling and WHY. Then you know the WHY to the sale.

25) Create a Sequence and don’t deviate

26) Know How A Question Will Help You Before You Ask It

27) Know Where A Customer Is On The Path To A Purchase and How Motivated to Solve A Problem

This keeps you from having a conversation with a customer that just will not make sense to them. If you ask for a sale…in a print ad, you’ll get the 9 people already motivated to buy. What about the other 1000 who saw the ad? They’ll just think you’re pushy, salesy and always selling. Give them answers to a question. Not a fluffy article that really says nothing. But give them the keys to the car.

You just don’t put a lot of gas in it. They’ll need you for the next step.

28) Make your conversation match the customer’s readiness

29) Have a follow up plan for any lost sale at consultation

30) Use automated scheduled answers to questions they don’t even know that they have

31) Write your copy thinking about your prospective customers and only thinking about your prospective customers

32) Talk only in benefits and not in features

33) Be clear over clever

34) Include “Share” and Social Buttons to Make It Simple

35) Create coupons for your facebook fans and regularly offer unique and special “gifts” that only go to your email list, facebook list

36) Be unique- shoe box after a meeting.

37) YouTube Videos> Content Membership only site

38) Host an event…register with name and email (lead list), provide a reason to check back and stay on the list with a poll, or a “report card” after the event. Use the event to show them a need, create a gap, create awareness of a problem and put their problem into words better than they do. Provide a drip of emails then low entry sales (book). Then a service. Then a more premium service.

39) Blog – be specific to a single market, monetize your blog or use it to create leads

Your marketing isn’t necessarily every customer your business serves. Say you cut hair and shaved men with a relaxing service of warm towels, soothing music and old fashioned shaving cream. If you’ve got a bald man and you’re talking about volumizing shampoo? Click to delete. So your bald men would go on another list.

Likewise, if you have older adults who are able-bodied and running 10Ks and aspire to do first marathons or first Ironmans after 50 (it’s happening more than you think). You’re talking to them about bone density. OK. They might stay. You’re talking to them about losing muscle mass and frailty or risk of falling. You’re probably going to lose them. They’re thinking about how to get  faster, quicker, and leaner right now.  Put everyone with similar needs into a list if they’re someone who you want to go after. If you don’t, and no one can go after everyone successfully, don’t worry when people drop out of your list. You simply aren’t talking to them in their language.

Wha you are doing is creating a list of followers and fans who are going to be your ideal clients.

40) Host Webinars- both for free to create leads and for pay to support wellness from a distance

41) Use Your Charity Challenges and Volunteer Events to generate Paid opportunities. Invite attendees to a reduced rate group training as your thank you. Create a low entry rate to simulate the free challenge participants experience in those not selected. Create alumni events after a long track record of success.

42) Knock on Doors. Have something to sell. Promote to a staff of a small business, group training, wellness coaching, or challenge within their business (teams compete for points)

43) Google Adwords> must go to a content rich website

44) Set a Free Appointment Date. Email. Call directly. No signs on the front desk alone will do it. Fill your schedule start to end of one full day with appointments. Package it as a special event for a special niche. Back Pain Prevention. Flat Belly Solutions Then be sure that you have practiced your approach, have your paperwork and are ready.

This is only going to apply to low-hanging fruit and people you have already got a good relationship with. If you ask for a consultation up front, you don’t have a good relationship with most people for them to trust that you have something that they want. Nurture the relationship first.

45) Host a Boomer Babes Night Out – answer all the questions that you know they should but won’t ask. Give them a goodie bag and show them how to use it

46) Organize a B2B special. Two memberships: self and five employees and can market within the business to a perfect target market (banners, coupons, Set up vender tables in lobby)

47) CALL at least ONE person every single day to become a new customer. No exceptions. You can do more but always do ONE.

48) Risk Reversal (Guarantees). 

Not only do you guarantee the money back, you give them something in addition. Some well-established gurus will pay a prospect $1500 if they’ve wasted their time. You may not want to do that! Yet, can you offer something else of value? A gift certificate for a half hour massage? Free towel service for a month. Those two items have the benefit of telling what the person is interested in, and or of getting a person used to a service that he won’t want to let go of.

49) Low Barrier Offers step-by-step down a path > Free> Low cost> Med>Premium> Upsell> Resell

50) Have an Upsell for everything: and make it an automatic part of everyone’s job to ask for it

**51) Create everything based on the way the customer thinks and talks and what they want and want to avoid.

Remember what it was like when you were clueless. Or? Interview new members all the time. Ask front desk members what the most common question by a new member (or existing member) is.

The risk of the list is that you’ll think there are a lot of good ideas. Or that “I’ve already tried that.” Have you tried and stuck with them. Most of these are not just in the “what” but in the “how” that makes them a win. If you choose ONE new concept and do that exceptionally well and commit to it for 3-6 months, you’ll begin to see a return on your end objective.

Which one appeals most to you?

Do you need to grow your list?

Do you need to start using your list better by creating a sequence of emails to reach them?


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