5 Specific Strategies to Capitalize on the New Year’s Fitness Rush

In the final hour of marketing you need specific strategies. I just read a disappointing article in Club Solutions. I’ll admit I’m always skeptical of a “free” magazine. That said my opinion is probably skewed!

However the breakout box in the hard copy of the article read “5 Specific Strategies to …” and it was anything but specific. A better title would have been 5 ambiguous or 5 big-picture ways…

When I read “specific strategies” that’s what I want. I’m expecting straight forward actionable steps I can implement. If even one of them is juicy, that’s enough. They don’t all have to fit but they have to be specific… if that was the promise.

“Specific Strategies” Really?

Take that to heart. What are you promising with your program titles? What do you write in the promotional copy for the program? Do you guarantee results? Do you provide a realistic expectation? There’s a big difference. There’s a difference between guaranteed results and guaranteed satisfaction. There’s a difference between money-back guarantee and satisfaction guarantee.

Strategy #1


Then you’ll deliver. People are looking for something very specific in January. Weight loss is #1. specific strategies for weight loss imageWeight Loss doesn’t have to be in the title, but it has to be clearly implied. If you have programs in place, even advertised already, you can change the name! It’s not too late. Change it in your marketing copy and watch what happens.

Strategy #2


Pepper SEO strategies all over your website. If you do this correctly when your ideal customers open up their little silver box between Christmas and New Year’s getting ready to emerge themselves in a healthier set of habits, it’s you that they’ll find. NOW… not later is the time to get these in place. Starting November 1 would have been better. Then next best time is right now. You don’t have any time to procrastinate though. Block out an hour today to plan. Block out another hour to execute tomorrow. The third day, edit, refine, add links back to you and call-to-action links that makes sense. Then post and promote, promote, promote.

Strategy #3


We’ll have a lot more newbies and fresh start people in January than we do any other time. Talk to them. What does your mother or aunt need to know to get started? Pretend you’re writing or creating video for her. You need specific strategies right now, right? So do they. Don’t make broad sweeps, make specific action steps.

Strategy #4


If your current customers have gotten great results then ask them for referrals! Right now before a potential customer begins looking on their own. Put a deadline on a gift offer for them if they refer, get you the contact information, and their referral joins. Be transparent. Let the prospect know that your customer thought you’d be a good match and that they’ll both get a little perk for getting started now during this promo period.

Strategy #5


Start with YouTube if you’re shy. It’s a search engine more than it’s social media, but it moonlights. Do live video if you’re over yourself. Do it on Facebook because no matter who you are, your customer is on Facebook. Add Instagram if your customer is there. Do live in YouTube. Engage with your customers. If you’re a trainer or coach, you teach. So teach. Forget the camera is there and talk to your ideal customer as if she were a family member. In fact, imagine talking to a specific family member. You’ll be much more authentic and get out of your own head.

Video is listed last but is one of the most specific strategies to use now and as far into the future as you can see. If you aren’t using it weekly or even daily, you’re getting further behind every day.

Once the New Year begins, don’t stop these marketing efforts. For all those consults you’re booking though, listen to this for specific strategies on how to sell them.

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