5 Quick Ways to Buff Your Fitness Brand Now

Is your fitness brand clear? Defining your brand in a way it’s distinct and immediately recognizable is a must if you want to stand out. If you’re spread thin, juggling social platforms, email, and your clients I’m willing to bet that you’re social media platforms and your website don’t all have a cohesive fitness brand.

I know because I’ve been there. I am there. It’s one thing that is going to require a constant monitoring. Things move rapidly and you may reinvent but you don’t want to lose your fitness brand.

Here’s the five I discussed on this episode:

  • Make every profile image across your social media sites the same
  • Make every social account reflect the same URL if possible
  • Give every signature product/service distinction.
  • Do use your brand colors but don’t be afraid to mute them or dial up intensity to change a season, re-introduce or refresh an offer.
  • Make sure every page of your website has a thread of your brand running through it.

You can buff your fitness brand in as little as 10 minutes with one of these steps. Spend time doing each of them for the most powerful brand.

Every social media platform has it’s own rules and way to engage. Your products and services all have a uniqueness. Your webpages hold a blog, a schedule, rate schedules, and more. But there’s still only one fitness brand that should be clear across all of them,

Like you have a personality, so does your business. Define your personality. Colors, fonts, and logos are just a start. What filters, how close, what backgrounds, and what mood describe your fitness brand? Is it what you say or what your customers say?

When you merge your intention and your customers whispers in the locker room you’ve really defined your fitness brand.

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