5 New Clients in 7 Days: Here’s How She Did It

What if you also shared with your possible 141 commenters on a post and all followers that you’re “sorry, but closed for this session” but have a waitlist for the next program, and share how to get on a notifications list. And you nurtured that list with a few quick wins between now and having something ready? 

Would that be okay?

Well, let me tell you about how our WellPro member did it.

After Thursday’s hotseat session last week she went into action. By Friday she’d booked 3 consultations and sold 1, and had a maybe for the other.

But let me tell you the details so you don’t miss a thing!!

1. “Z” was going to wait, until she was ready and had created a course, probably, she said, in January.

>> No, I suggested that these warm leads who responded to a post that they needed the support of a Menopause Specialist that she was taking couldn’t “wait” to cool off. She needed to reach out now.

2. “Z” was set to charge $497 for a small beta group.

>>I said add $200 to that. It’s going to be a small group, they’re going to get a LOT of individual attention. They need to pay for that much time with you.

3. She reached out to these social-only acquaintances and DM’d them asking if they’d like to meet. She booked 3 sessions in a day. She sold 1, got a maybe and a no, not right now.

4. Over the next 6 days, she booked more consults, and filled all 5 slots, making $3400+ for a course she hasn’t built yet.

**She was limited by the platform she’s testing for this size group. She’ll have the opportunity to show proof of concept, have testimonials to use for the actual launch, AND… know that the price point is very reasonable since she’ll be able to show transformation.

5. “Z” is lit up excited. She doesn’t just have 5 new clients in 7 days. She has momentum! How do you think that will boost her November and December sales?

How Can You Too Get 5 New Clients in 7 Days (or BETTER!) 

I’ve been talking all month about the WELLPROs mastermind. In case you missed it, it’s not too late.

In fact, it’s not too late to get in at the founder’s rate but it will be!!! 

Here’s how it works: 

Regularly the mastermind & mentorship is $79/month.

The founder’s rate is $49/month

There is NO contract. It’s month-to-month.

I provide value, you stay, you pay monthly via subscription. 

If you find it doesn’t serve you, give you clarity on pricing, asking, presenting offers, or planning your next promotion… then you simply give us 3 business days’ notice to cancel. 

You have access to the library for as long as you’re a member. So not only do you get opportunity to add a hot seat question (whether you’re in bed fast asleep in Australia at 12 noon AZ on Thursdays or live), you get to catch up or review any sessions you’ve missed. 

PLUS, you have a CEU course every six months as an added perk.

This is a collaboration of others AND coaching from a 0-to-6-figures a month coach. You hear what’s working for others and ideas and get a team of women rooting for you. Priceless.

You get the opportunity to declare out loud what you’ll do and to report the following week what worked and didn’t. 

You can see, if you take instant action, you will get to “yes.” 

Other success stories are coming. Some are Black Friday weekend based, others, about testing and research via social media. They’re coming … just stay tuned. Better yet, what if you had a big win.. What would that look like? 

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