5 Fitness Products You Should Create for Your Business Right Now

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The New Year is less than three months away. If you’re not working on your launch for January, you want to get started. There are 5 fitness products you should create if you don’t already have.

fitness products you should createIf you’ve clicked on this post at another time of year and the start of summer, or of fall is close to three months from the time you’re reading this, don’t click away.

Though the biggest launch of our fitness year is always January, there’s also August-September and May-June to look forward to for a new surge of customers.

You want to be creating and scheduling the programs that are going to be irresistible for customers (and you don’t want to miss the post about the most lucrative fitness programs for personal trainers: at least one of them is sure to resonate with you).

But then you need bait to attract the ideal customer to those programs. That’s what this post is all about. It’s these fitness products, the freebies that will entice a customer to voluntarily put their hand up asking you to send more email. In those emails you’ll be seeding your programs. Those programs will be the perfect solution for the problems that were the reason your new subscriber got on your list.

At some point you’ll announce to your new subscriber the perfect program for them. You’ll make an offer so they can join in time to get the early bird bonuses, or the limited time buddy pass special.

And a certain percent of them will. They want help. You are help. You’re offering value.

But before that happens, you have to give them a reason to get valuable and helpful emails from you. That’s where the following 6 fitness products come in.

#1 An eBook

An ebook, or pdf, is simple to create and yet if you title it correctly, get a cover design that is attractive (turns out we all do judge a book by it’s cover), your customers will opt in for it.

The steps for designing an ebook that acts like bait for your ideal customers is to focus on your end goal. If you want to market to customers who want to lose weight after they’ve had a baby, then you want to brainstorm about the problems they’ve got.

Just do a brain dump. Don’t filter.

  • Exercise with sleep deprivation
  • Exercise while breastfeeding
  • Exercise after an episiotomy
  • Guilt being away from baby
  • Germ-phobia putting the baby in the nursery
  • No one to watch the baby
  • No time between work and baby
  • Exhaustion
  • Post-partum depression
  • Belly fat after baby

Brainstorm possible titles. Numbers or How-to in the title work well.

  • How to get your body back after baby: 3 Steps
  • The No-Time to Exercise Fitness Book for New Moms
  • 5 Exercises You Can Do With Your New Baby
  • Cardio-baby: Workouts for Moms (no sitter required)

fitness products you should createNow write an outline starting with bullet points once you choose a title you like based on a topic you want to use. This is where you want to start thinking about how you’ll be seeding your program in your book. You’ll be giving value so that if this is all a customer ever did with you they have an awesome experience and they love you. But ultimately, you want them to take the next step because you have so much more you can help them with.

Imagine, for instance, you want to have a combination nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle program for moms of newbies to toddlers. They can get a community as well as get information they need. Using the Cardio-babybook title, you could seed that the core and overall strength training will support higher quality cardio workouts. In “Additional Resources” you can link to the program.

And you’ll also be creating emails about the next classes that go to this perfect target customer.

Grab the quick worksheet download to brainstorm your best ebook.

Click Here

#2 A Book

If you want credibility you either want to be invited to talk on stages, be in the media as an expert, or you want to write a book. [The book, will often give you the opportunity to speak or be in the media.]

You don’t have to have a publisher. You can go through the same process you did for an ebook, in fact your ebook can become a kindle book in minutes. If you want a paperback you can do that too. What was once Createspace on Amazon has now merged with Kindle books, and it’s the platform where you can upload a formatted manuscript, a cover and be a published author.

If you have a book in you there’s nothing stopping you. It’s a great gift for new customers, or for prospects, that will help you attract the people who will love you and you will love working with.

There are advantages and disadvantages to self-publishing and to publishing. If you want a book published and in your hands in three months, self-publish.

Go through the same process and you did with your ebook. Consider a few more details more carefully. You’ll probably want someone to format the layout of the book to specs required and you’ll want to think about the front and back cover thoughtfully too. The spine is also important. When a book sits on the shelf what will it look like?

You can gift books as raffles, offer them free to audience members if you’re asked to speak, use them at health fairs, give them to the first x number of registrants in a class, etc. A self –published book will cost you $3-5 per book plus the shipping. You can also offer the book “free” with shipping to customers. That’s a small fee you’re paying for a lead but it’s more economical than a newspaper or TV ad and a better lead if they were willing to enter their credit card information.

A customer who as bought something from you, no matter how small, has a higher likelihood of buying something more from you.

#3 A Digital Course

Everyone is visiting your website whether you have a building, you visit them in their home, or you’re a digital business.

Since digital is convenient and non-threatening many customers who may never come in are candidates for online courses.

Create one. If you offer nutrition consultations or classes, they’re a perfect example of online course. If you don’t do nutrition, team up with someone who does to help you. In fact, ask 3-4 dietitians or nutritionists if they’d like to contribute a session on a specific topic. They may just do it in exchange for the exposure to your clients or members. You’re helping them and your clients for a low cost digital product that will provide you with passive income. Make it an upsell option for every personal training package or group-training program.

Digital courses can be people talking direct to camera, audio-only, voice over slides, or a combination (mash-up) of all of those. Don’t get caught up in the technical how-to if you’re not techie. Decide the best way to deliver the content so it results in the best results. Then ask someone who’s done it (you don’t have to reinvent the wheel).

 #4 An upsell

(that answers one of the most common problems customers have)

In the last section about the digital course I gave you an example of an upsell. An upsell definitely falls under the category of fitness products you should createThere are all kinds of upsells like towel service and regular massage therapy. What we’re talking about here is really a problem-solving kind of upsell.

What else would make a customer more successful?

We can all agree that if a client comes to you for exercise and they’re eating crap it will be hard to get results. Nutrition is a great upsell.

Ideally, the upsell you create is something that helps you create passive income. In other words its something that you’re already doing or you’ve already created and they can get access to that. The digital course is a perfect example of that, so too would be a book you’ve already written. If you have a group-training program that’s a perfect fit and it can accommodate more people easily, then that would be a good upsell to private coaching.

Think about your clients. If they struggle, what do they struggle with? If they plateau, what might have prevented them from plateauing?

The real beauty in a perfect upsell is that it can add a great deal to the bottom line without adding time or energy on your part. Brainstorm upsells like that.

Ask About Cake

Several years ago I stayed in a Chicago hotel for a 3-day conference. We had a break for lunch every day and I had room service 5 times while there so I could check email. Every single time I ordered I was asked, “Would you like a piece of chocolate lava cake to complete that?”

Every time! After the third time I called back and asked what percent of people say yes to that?

80 percent!

Eight percent of people say yes to something that was about 20% of the total bill.

What would happen to your bottom line if that were true for you?

Create an upsell that is chocolate cake irresistible and then make it a habit to ask every time. 

fitness products you should create#5 A Platinum product

A certain percent of people will always choose the top floor and the ocean view. They’ll want the VIP option. So make sure you have one. This is the Rolls Royce of the upsell.

Pull all your packages and perks together and tie them up with a bow (and a nice price tag).

Think Victoria’s Secret crazy fashion show. Just think about what your status-oriented customers would like.

  • A parking spot near the door
  • A permanent locker
  • Calling the restaurant to order lunch to be delivered or ready when they walk in?
  • Unlimited nursery service
  • Drop in to any group-training program
  • Priority status for booking a spinning bike

These fitness products you should create won’t all be convenient. You have to sit down and do two kinds of work. You’ve got to do some thinking about your customer journey. Then you’ve got to actually plan the best possible content. Then it’s time to create it whether its through video, audio, or written content and decide how best to package it so it’s appealing.

Some will be easy, but may not be fast. You want to get this right. It may take minutes to conceive but should look like it took hours. It is the first impression in some cases and if you’re offering a premium price for something it should have a premium feel!

Lastly, don’t get stuck in the inaction that is perfection. Get it done. You can always do version 2.0. How many people ever said to you, the reason I don’t want to buy personal training is the cover of your ebook sucks? Exactly. That’s not a deal-breaker.

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