33 Ways To Get Burned in The Personal Training Fitness Business

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33 Ways You Could Get Burned By Your Fitness Business

In the business of fitness, directing and growing a department, team and the services that customers want there are things that will tempt you, distract you, and habits that could get you burned. These 33 are some of the most common and easiest traps to fall into.

#1 Do Everything Yourself

#2 Don’t Get It Done Yourself But Fail to Delegate 

#3 Don’t put together a killer business marketing campaign

#4 Don’t create a publishing calendar that you stick to

#5 Put all your eggs in one basket

#6 Think that full today is full tomorrow

#7 Think you’re too busy to do social media, email or network

#8 Avoid speaking because you’re shy or don’t like it

#9 Discount your services in order to reach a goal

#10 Have a “sale” when you’re at risk of missing quota

#11 Think inside the box for your business (online or brick and mortar)

#12 Interpret being “on” social media as being effective on it

#13 Spend the majority of the day hating the things that should be your priority

#14 Use the same ad different days, years, months

#15 Fail the black marker test

#16 Think small at the beginning

#17 Think getting money in exchange for your time or knowledge is bad or asking for it is

#18 Think your job is not CEO of Sales

#19 Think your job is not Chief Marketing Operator

#20 Think everyone feels like you do when you exercise

#21 Think you’re not worth it if you enjoy it

#22 Don’t ask for the money

#23 Keep getting ready to get ready

#24 Do it all yourself and based on you

#25 Do it all working for someone else and feel ripped off

#26 Edit your own work

#27 Read and follow a guru whom you start quoting until one day you think they’re your ideas and concepts

#28 Look like you just got out of bed or are headed to a stripper bar to work

#29 Be late most of the time

#30 Believe the B.S. from people who say “I didn’t choose fitness for the money: I’ll never be rich” 

#31 Say “yes” to every opportunity to expose your business 

#32 Overlook the obvious in search of the magic bullet 

#33 Think of yourself as an employee and not a business owner

See one of these that resonates with you most? Comment on it below.


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