Your 3-Step Year Fitness Business Plan

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Prepare your fitness business for the best next year by planning with three things in mind. This super short episode I share three levels of planning for the new year’s launches, promoting your best selling programs, and the promotions themselves.

Join the webinar Saturday, December 9 for making the most of social media marketing that can strategically set your promotions in place for months ahead with a minimum of content creation.

If you know what your bestselling programs are you can assess what you’re doing to promote them.

If you know what gives you the most energy and what drains you in your business you can consider what to drop, delegate, or develop.

If you know what your overarching fitness business goals are then you can focus on how to get there and plan it so all you have to do is go into action.

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Once you’ve registered, I’ll send you the link to the webinar. If you can’t make it live you’ll get the recording within 24 hours. Set your annual goal in action with promotions that are strategically planned.

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