#1 Way to Increase Traffic:

Send an email that requests action

  • Are you still interested in…..
  • Can I help you today…
  • How would you like to join me today?
  • Can I ask a quick favor
  • I need your help

Any of these email subject lines tend to get a high open rate. Have a plan. Know what you’re asking for once they do. Will you boost engagement and loyalty from a survey? By offering a freebie for opt in? Will you request that they respond with interest in a special offer?

increase traffic#2 Way to Increase Traffic:

Have a quick and dirty photo contest

If you ask people to send images of their workout (in your facility) for a contest and you post them on a page in your website, people will come. They want to see their own image and they’ll stay to look at others too.

Arrange them in a grid. If you need to, edit the images for size and add to a blog if that’s easier. You need to have a giveaway.. but then you can make everyone a winner by giving them something after… a free week trial in a group training session (something you don’t do all the time: a free consult is NOT a good giveaway)

Make the gift relevant. If the contest is about a weight training workout… invite to a weight training-based session. If the contest is about favorite ab exercises… then invite them to an informative presentation on core exercise (and make an offer while you’ve got them)

#3 Way to Increase Traffic:

Make an error or two or three on a website page.

Ask your social fans and subscribers to do a fun little activity … and send in the error via email (best) or post it on social media(when everyone sees them it’s kind of over) when they find them. You will have gotten them to your page. If you have good content there, they’ll look around.

Give a prize to the winner and then explain your errors. If you showed an incorrect exercise or posted a wrong muscle group next to an exercise… you have a teachable moment.

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