25 Tricks I Use in Business That May Treat You To Marketing That Works

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25 Tools I Use Weekly, If Not Daily, To Grow My Fitness Business

..And Why You’ll Want Them Too

This is not an all-inclusive list. I’ve left off some of the obvious that you use too…social sites..and the nuts and bolts with in them: Facebook and ads manager, custom audience creator; Twitter and ads; Pinterest for work and the image pin; Youtube and advanced optimize, annotations; and running in the background always is Amazon3 for hosting videos, audio and ebooks for online course fulfillment and iMovie editing.

  1. Go to Webinar – for hosting free and paid webinars and recording online courses. I use this year round to host a live weekly class. Everything starts small, right? Yet, weekly it’s grown from a dozen to 25 to 50 to hundreds on the weekly call and registered for the webinar that I market to and request consults and become customers.
  2. Start Meeting – hosting and recording group teleseminars or private conference calls for free! Who can beat that. I provide a recording for private clients and for private groups.
  3. Skype – for conducting international client calls. OK, nothing fancy about this but under-used. Need a client to see you? Need to work with someone in Trinidad, Italy, Okinawa or England to mention a few? Simple. I’ve also guested on webinars recorded on Skype.
  4. Time Trade – online scheduler that allows me to provide a link for others to schedule without additional back and forth. Cutting down on tasks that don’t use your highest level of creativity and require your thumbprint is just smart.
  5. Hootsuite – social media scheduler that I use weekly to do a bulk of scheduling even now with Facebook’s ability to pre-schedule. There are things I want to see all at once and know. I use this on the go frequently to schedule a great quote. Re posting tweets is fine and necessary.
  6. Libsyn – third party podcast hosting site that serves as my intermediate between recording and releasing to iTunes and social media. Both for Voice For Fitness Professionals’s and for the WellU After 50 podcast this automated the job. I also add these shows to my website for additional SEO and traffic but the iTunes show status boosts listening.
  7. Aweber > Infusionsoft – email and customer management software for automation of nurturing and customer experience. Each has its individual starting rate. $19/mo to $239/mo so it depends on where you are and where you intend to grow and when.
  8. Click to Tweet – for blogs and articles online that encourage a Tweet of a quote
  9. Google Trends – spotting the phrases that are in the news for use in blogs, articles and subject line selection. Set up to Google Alerts if you want to go a step further.
  10. Google Analytics – who, how and how many visitors to my site
  11. Lead Pages – pre-tested, pre-designed templates that get results without distraction and take minutes to create, for integration with social media. The conversion rate has a big increase over landing pages elsewhere including my own custom template.
  12. ScreenFlow – for recording screen during webinars for replay, online course creation and staff training, allows editing and the addition of other media ($49)
  13. QuickTime – recording audio for podcasts with ultra simplicity for the non-techie that I am
  14. Blue Yeti Microphone – the big dog of podcast desk mics ($$)
  15. Sony HD Handy Camcorder (and Tripod and audiotechnica mic) – perfect for the job of shooting videos. Sound is crucial- even in video, they will forgive a poor image…but not poor audio: Do Not Shoot outdoors without a mic. No one is that good.
  16. Vimeo – for private videos just for high-end customers ($)
  17. Wistia – easier to upload to sites and fulfillment of courses ($)

Photo editors

  1. PicMonkey-simple photo editor sometimes my fast choice for video thumbs. My first, you never forget the first.
  2. Canva – design-friendly photo editor for those who don’t design
  3. Pickochart – infographics creation that I use for illustrating systems, showing recipes, exercise sequences… changing up the usual ho-hum image.

Free Stock Photos

  1. Flickr – using creative commons, modifications allowed and giving credit to the photographer you can find a photo of most anythng
  2. Morguefile – also free, no attribution required which is nice, though there are fewer images to fall in love with here

Royalty-Free Photos – $$ Each of these offers beautiful images for a fee. Invest in a few regularly for use with your target market. Avoid the “cheap” ones because everyone else is using them too! If you can get someone to take nice shots in your environment or community – a real authentic photo is always better than a stock image. And $ for $ the investment for a photographer to send you some amazing shots taken over a couple hours is no more and likely less than investing in stock photos. But in a pinch- nice to know that at midnight you can get the perfect photo for that last minute ad.

  1. Istockphoto.com 
  2. Thinkstockphotos.com
  3. Fotolia.com

That’s it…my tricks for your treats. One, by one… start somewhere. You’re life is waiting to get easier! And your marketing better! If you’ve got a good message…you know your brand and your story…get the tools to deliver it so it speaks of your value.

Happy Halloween!


P.S. My college junior son told me this morning he is a doctor for Halloween. I’m closing my eyes and not opening again until Sunday.
“Have fun but not that much” were the last words out of my mouth.

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