21 Days of Lead Producing Actions

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Twenty one days until summer!! I’m a summer-lover! Here in the Midwest it has been a loong time coming this year!

For a lot of our clients and prospects that’s true too, however. On some of the warm days we’ve had lately our facilities have been quiet. All except for our personal training clients; they stay on track and make it in because they’ve got that accountability of checking in with their trainer and that scheduled appointment.

Though you’ll have a number of clients who will train less frequently with you over the summer because of changing schedules, kids, or traveling, there’s an equal and opposite truth in the fact that a whole market of new prospects have more time and are more aware of their bodies because clothing is skimpier and warm weather motivates activity.

Don’t get caught up in conversation with the front desk staff about how slow it is in your facility.  The even worse mistake they’ll make is asking the next member that does come in where everyone else is…Hello?! They just made this person feel very unimportant and as if they should be out doing something else too!

Instead of jumping on that sinking ship,  get to work and start calling someone. Be pro-actice. You can create your own success.Over the next 21 days (countdown to summer!!) you’ll get 21 tips on creating personal training leads that you can sell. If they register with your lead, you know they’re interested, if they come in to meet you they’re already 70% sold. As in the movie Hitch….”it’s just your job not to screw it up!”

In my book, Dollars and Sense of Selling Exercise: Promoting Personal Training with Integrity published by Healthy Learning in March, I gave several ideas on generating leads in the appendix. This is a variation of one you can put to use right now!

1.) Determine what special you can offer that makes sense to get a new client started. Keep in mind, if you are good at what you do, most clients have a longer life than that initial sale. You should anyway, be finding that clients renew at a regular package rate after their introductory sessions and that clients within your business have an ‘average life expectancy.’ (if you don’t know what that is… start keeping better records or tracking it now!

First off a complimentary session so that they can see you’re confident in your business and they have no risk in trying it on and experiencing training. Then reward them for getting started today with a discount. An example of a special…$100 off a package of 10 …or a buy 10, get two free (when we offer this our trainers get paid on the ‘free’ by dividing the package by 12 rather than by 10 for their commission base; they make slightly less per session but have a client they didn’t have before and the opportunity to renew a client at regular rate once the trainer shows them how effective the right exercise can be).

2.) Find a way to reach potential new clients RIGHT NOW! Where are they? They’re signing up for swimming pool passes, they’re at the snow cone stand, they’re visiting the zoo, the science center, the parks and rec classes for kids. They’re at the bike shops tuning up bikes or getting a new one for growing kids, they might be dropping kids off at day care before work.

Now, approach the owners of these businesses and ask if you could offer their clientele a special just for doing business with them. It would be like a perk for buying a summer pass to the pool, or purchasing a snow cone. All employees would also be eligible for the special. And if three people actually got started you’d provide a free one hour session for the owner or an employee of his or her choice.

3.) Design a flyer, a lead box, and or business cards means for getting this done. A lead box would sit on the counter at a business and allow prospective or interested people to drop their name and contact information in the box for a complimentary session. If you hand out a card stating the special on it, they then have to act on that and call you. The former is best practice- make it easy for the person. You’ll have to go back and check frequently, and be very grateful for the counter space the other business is providing you with!

If they see a lot of clients daily- check your lead box every few days. And then sit down and make your calls. Schedule the appointments. The leads if they’re legit- will result in close to 100% booked appts. If you are practiced at your sales, your closing rate should be at least 50%.

So, do the math….10 leads = 10 appointments – 5 new clients.

Get busy!

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