Debate the Personal Training Sale

Start doing your research! Find facts, quotes, anecdotes and identify how they support your message.   Facts – Do your homework. If you use a percentage or statistic, know where it [...]


Prepare to Sell Personal Training

If you want me to speak for two minutes I’ll have to prepare three weeks. If you want me to speak 30 minutes I’ll have to prepare a week. If you want me to speak for an hour, [...]


The Selling Holiday

What is your plan for Black Friday? Don’t have a plan? Time to get a plan! If your club members, clients and prospective clients exchange gifts during the holidays then the day after [...]


Ask Permission to Sell

Have you had any direct marketing calls during dinner lately? A mailbox full of colorful oversized postcard flyers? And inbox of opportunities? And you hung up, filed in the circular file without [...]


Sell, Selling and Sold on Fitness

I met with a creative team for web design today. They asked a number of questions to gather information so they could design a program that meets my needs and that gets across the number one, [...]


Marketing Your Personal Training Special

A trainer recently sent me some ad copy to use as a post on our cardio equipment inside our club. It invited the reader to ask for more information about our bootcamps at the front desk. [...]


When You’re Selling Personal Training and They Don’t Want to be Sold.

“I’m not going to buy anything today.” That’s how the session started. The trainer had an older client in for a new member complimentary session. My guess was that she was [...]


Waiting for it to Happen or Making it Happen?

“Is this a really slow time?” a trainer recently asked. Her complimentary session bookings are low right now. No, this is the first of November! Things are picking up if anything. [...]