20 Days and 20 Ways to New Clients!

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Do you want to have a really full and fun summer? Do you want to feel better than you ever have before? Do you want to look at feel your best?

Hard to answer ‘no’ to any of those, right? Right! So find the prospects to ask those questions and get to work with them!

Some of your new clients are right under your nose. Yesterday, the lead box idea for other businesses got you out and about thinking of summer-specific spots to seek new clients. Today, you’re going to use it at “your house.” That’s right, too few trainers actually go out on the floor and seek out new customers.

Just last week an intern who desperately wants to be a trainer and knows her stuff said about going out on the floor to help customers (I wasn’t even asking her to sell them something!) “That must be the hardest thing to do.”

Red flag! Going out on the floor and offering to assist a member in making an exercise less risky and more effective should be one of the easiest things we do! It’s our responsibility to walk through the club and spot errors and point out the science behind the safety tips we’ll offer. Clients are sensitive to our words, yes, and we have to be careful and even ask if they’re open to some tips, but we can’t step over poor form or mistakes. No member gets up with the intention of doing it wrong or wanting to avoid the best results!?

Your business set up may call for different placement, but here’s how we do it. We place a lead box both at the front desk and at the filing cabinet where members can file their workout cards to track their progress. Some members are not going to want to stand and chit chat about why they’re registering for a free session with the front desk staff. And some might only do it if they’re made aware of it by one of your staff. After all, how many of us overlook a sign right in front of our noses because there are so many things to attend to in the same location?

The lead box states something like this?

“Are you 100% satisfied with your exercise results? If you said yes, congratulations! If not, and you have some questions about how to make the most of your exercise time, what exercises and schedule would be the best for you, here’s your chance! Register here for a complimentary personal training session. We’ll call to schedule a time at your convenience with on of our trainers. We’ll gather information on your goals, what you’re doing and find out more about what you want so we can provide you with suggestions. Find out how personal training can help you get the results that you want.”

You can tweak that to read as you need it for your business structure. One of our objectives is to point out that this is a tim to explore personal training options. We’re not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes. We want them to know- yes, we think everyone can benefit from some form of short or long term personal training- we’re just going to determine which one is best for you.

Try it- and make sure that you check these regularly. They’re signing up in-house- so they are excited and they expect that you are going to call them soon. Do it while it’s hot!!

Track your results!

How many leads?

How many phone calls?(and re-calls)

How many appointments booked?

How many new clients?

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