19 Days of Leads for a Summer of sessions

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Do you buy your dad a Father’s Day gift? In fact, people buy for their grandfathers, their sons who are new Dads, their husbands who are the father of their children …all reason for gift giving.

That money is going to be spent some where, why not with you? Make it easy for them by packaging it in a way that they want to buy what you have. You may think that you already have gift certificates available and that all your customers know that. You may think that you already packages that includes a health history and assessment and nutrition consultation within the first session.

But if your customer doesn’t know, it doesn’t matter.

Just because you think they should know and think of you for a gift certificate at gift-giving time isn’t enough. After all, people are busy and constantly seeing signs and advertisements. If someone else conveniently packages a perfect Dad’s Day recognition that’s convenient, affordable, and special, they will buy it when they see it!

Get something together in a unique way even if it isn’t an entirely different package and you’re just calling attention to it. Put an example of a beautifully presented gift certificate on display at your front desk. Make sure that the package of three or five or 10 you’re advertising is really a special rate, so that it is truly a call-to-action. Make sure it has an expiration date both for purchase, and for service.

Maybe you’ll package the same gift in three different types of gift packs:

The golfer’s package, with range of motion, swing mechanics assessment, stretches and strengtheners to help a golfer with mobility and core strength. List two or three things offered unique to the package, and two or three benefits as a result of the sessions.

The Healthy Heart/performance package will assess cardiovascular fitness, provide a detailed exercise prescription, include an optional heart rate monitor for additional fee, and provide three week’s worth of daily workouts with exercise progression based on the client’s status and goals.

The Three-Point Training package that will assess posture and body mechanics, a businessman’s daily work station, and then deliver the how-to for an effective and efficient exercise routine for strength training that will alleviate some chronic tension and enhance well-being and performance.  Creating a more productive and easy-to-implement program designed with return on time.

Now, I threw those words together fairly quickly, just to illustrate the idea. Now you take that idea and make it yours. It’s one offer, with three flavors. Make it a price point that gets people involved and allows you to create a long term customer or gain two or three referrals from each new client that has an amazing experience with you!

The details?

1. decide what you already do well and package it with copy that attracts the potential buyer

2. good copy refers to the buyer, not to you

3. get it up in house, out on your website, blog, and social media, create hardcopy flyers or e-letters announcing it

4. Think as if you were buying for your dad- you want a specific gift- not a generic gift! Make me feel special and smart about choosing this cool gift for my dad!

5. Will you limit this to “new clients only” or to pre-Father’s Day purchases, will you add a two week expiration date to the Gift Certificate?

You could also package this with a massage following the first session that Dad does. If that’s a part of your business, that’s easy. If it’s not you should know a massage therapist that you refer clients to; work with them for a joint promotion.

Father’s Day is not far away- have you started yet?


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