How To Do Over 10k Personal Training Sessions in 6 Months

10k personal training sessions in 6 months? 

Do you want to know? or Hard pass? 

In my 38 years of full time fitness industry experience, I can include a 6 and a half year period of time as personal training director for a multisite fitness center with over 20 personal trainers. During that time our conservative count suggested that I’d supervised about 250,000 personal training sessions during that time. So, I’m as curious as you. 

If the title of this episode got your attention, you might be wondering how. You also might be wondering what kind of profit margin there was, and or if you’re skeptical like me, how “personal” the sessions truly were. 

Questions we answer in this episode:

Do you want to be the Walmart… lowest price to as many people as possible?

Do you want to be the Nordstrom’s … higher price to fewer higher quality clients? 

What are the pros and cons of each? 

Is there a downside to either? 

My Guest: 

Joshua Ford is the CEO & Co-Founder of HipTrain, a VC-backed startup that provides live, 1-on-1 personal training sessions for just $6.99 a 30-min session.

Prior to HipTrain he helped build Uber and Candid and worked at The White House.

Joshua was a Fulbright Scholar and is passionate about providing affordability and accessibility (particularly in health and wellness) to the masses.

Questions We Answer in this Episode: 

[03:30] What was your role in building Uber? And Candid? And what job did you have at the White House? 

[07:20] What made you choose this career? 

[11:15] Did you personally provide over 10k personal training sessions in 6 months? Tell listeners exactly how this happened and as you said in your notes to me these were “individualized” sessions.

[13:05] $6.99 is not all that attractive to many listeners. In fact many of us prefer 3-digits before the decimal, so, how are you going to make doing 10,000 at $6.99 sound sexy?

Who are your trainers? Why are you able to hire them for $6.99 for 30 minutes, pay them, and make a profit or pay merchant fees? 

How personalized? What’s your definition of personalized? Based on need, movement screen, or client’s desire? 

Average qualification of your trainers? How much experience? 

Liability for you as owner? That’s a lot of sessions, a lot of clients. 

How do you personally create healthy habits around your work? 

What led you to create the model you currently have? What was the inspiration? 

Number of real people in the business now? 

What’s next? 

[38:50] Do you have any idea what percent of people you’re providing service to who were not exercising consistently prior to starting with Hiptrain? 

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