10 Ways to Fill Your Fitness Programs Right Now 

10 Ways to Fill Your Fitness Programs Right Now 

Right now as you read this you’re either in the middle of launching a fitness program, or preparing to launch a next one. You either are super confident you’ll fill it and have a wait list or you wish you had that problem!

It’s the cycle of fitness promotions. Here’s the truth about these 10 things that I’m sharing with you right now. Those who do them, most if not all, consistently repeatedly, fill more programs.

But I don’t want you to be overwhelmed. So I don’t want you to do them all or even attempt to right now.

First, I want you to pick two or three you’re already doing and do them better. More consistently and consciously.

Then, pick another one and do that equally as well.

If you hop down to #2 for instance, once you do that – as tedious as it may be if you haven’t done it yet – you will be better prepared next time to tell the people who absolutely want the solution you provide so they can register.

If you do #9 it’s a one time change out when you’re starting a promotion. You do it, everyone on your team who emails does it, and you’re done. You may need to create a graphic and get a change date on the calendar so it’s up to date and you switch back when the promo is over, but it’s not an ongoing task.

#1. Email More Than You’re Comfortable.

There’s no sense in fearing people will unsubscribe if they weren’t going to be customers anyway.

There’s a system you want to use during a promotion that means you’ll email at least 5 times in four days. If you’re not doing that during specials, you’re leaving money on the table.

#2. Segment Your Lists.

Send the right email to the right people. If you don’t know how to segment lists so you’re emailing the right stuff to the right people get help now. People will either leave those unopened (which will hurt your delivery results anyway) or they will report “spam” if it’s not relevant to the reason they subscribed to you.

#3. Announce on Social Media After….

You give, give, give. If you only post announcements of sales and opportunities to buy you won’t have enough of a following to make it matter. So yes, do change your Facebook cover and do live videos. Just be sure you’re giving tips and take aways ALL year and not just selling all the time. Less than 20% of your time on social should be selling.

#4. Add Banners on Your Website.

Place them on your home page or at least on a special blog post. Don’t keep your promotion a secret.

#5. Create at least one special content.

Write a special blog post, create a special podcast, or video (live or recorded). Right now as I record it’s bonus time at Flipping 50 Specialist cert. When you enroll in the Advanced Specialist you get 4 bonuses to boost your hormone balancing fitness business. This ad for the promotion is going right here right now. When I do the audit that’s a part of the bonus for you, I’ll be looking at how you can best adapt these 10 promotional actions.

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#6. Gift Some Spots for PR.

During a Social Media giveaway or a live streaming video give away a spot in the program you’re promoting. You then have a chance to describe the program and benefits fully. You can use the giveaway to grow your social media following too.

After you give, announce the winners on all your platforms and via email so you have another reason to promote the program.

#7. Include Nearby Businesses or Affiliates (digital)

No one reaches big success alone. Start asking partners whose customers or audience would benefit from your program.

#8. Create Swag.

T-shirts, water bottles, journals. Everyone loves to get swag for “free” as a part of a program. Start wearing it yourself. Give one to every registrant and tell them if they’re caught wearing them (sending you a selfie) or seen in the club, they’ll be eligible for a prize.

#9. Add Your Program to Your Email Signature.

In every communication be sure you’re using that real estate wisely. If you have a customer service or support ticket service you use like Fresh Desk, for instance, make sure you optimize it.


#10. Answer Questions.

Create videos where you answer questions about the program. Discuss the benefits, the logistics, what to expect, what participants need to succeed. Include testimonials. Discuss the format. Close: ask for the sale.

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