#1 Way to Increase Sales from Fitness Consultations

The #1 way to increase sales from fitness consultations, or bookings (if you do them) has nothing to do with your degree, certification, experience, or the type of body fat analyzer that you use.

Whether you spent $10,000 on an Inbody or $40 on an Omron or something else, has nothing to do with the buyer’s perception of you during your session.

And that is all that matters.

What does make a difference in your sales from fitness consultations?

Your attire can increase sales from fitness consultations or make it harder to sell.

Your competence can increase sales from fitness consultations. Your customer perceives your competence from your name tag (does it say “intern”?), the proficiency of putting on the blood pressure cuff, and informing them what’s going to happen next. Are your hands shaking? Are you sweating or hesitating? Are you distracted? Do you seem to be trying to remember what comes next? It all matters.

Too tight of clothing and too baggy clothing both hurt your ability to increase sales from fitness consultations. Buyers, primarily women, were asked about their perceptions. They perceived both revealing, tight clothing and layers of baggy clothes as a clue the trainer was less competent, unprofessional, and less successful.

We all want to work with someone more successful.

Eye contact, rate of speech, and warmth with a customer matter. A weak handshake could reduce your ability to sell while a strong voice and handshake or touch at just the right time can increase sales from fitness consultations.

Not doing fitness consultations? Your first meeting is your first impression no matter when or how that happens. A fitness consultation in itself is a sign of confidence. No one is wearing blinders today. We all are aware that free service is usually followed by an offer to take the next step. Few of us want to do a free consultation unless we’re confident in our ability to help a customer, to interpret how we can help them, and ask for the sale.

Increase sales from fitness consultations by practicing now. If you’re listening at the end of the year when it was recorded, nail this before the start of the New Year!

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