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Filling Your Personal Training Programs this Fall Starts Now

It’s personal training program planning time. Profitable, full, programs don’t just happen. Planning, programming, setting fees and then launching content for at least 8 weeks is what successful programs do. Here’s how to take advantage of your summer blues.

Profitable fitness tips | Midwest’s most successful private owner #101

Build a profitable fitness career with the business hindsight and predictions from one of the midwest’s longest standing fitness business success. Opening a fitness business today is much less risky than it was 40 years ago. There was no personal training. There was a need to educate customers on the importance of exercise before they bought. 

Today’s guest may have helped more people with a fitness journey and more employees get started with a fitness career than any other privately owned business in the midwest. 

As he prepares to open two new fitness centers in the next six weeks, hear what he has to say about the future for fitness businesses, and personal trainers. 

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With 7 business locations he’s in daily working with 320+ employees, he’s a little busy! I’ll be sure we get the answer to your questions and post them here. 


Personal Fitness Training Marketing: Messages to Your Customers #100

Cracking the code on what works with your content marketing. Are you blogging, podcasting, and writing articles for your website? If you’re thinking you’re “done” when you’ve done it, that’s like your client seeing you once a week. If they did no other workout, stayed up all night, stopped for dinner at the drive-through, you can guess what results they’d get right? Here’s a simple explanation to make it simple and easy to gain traction with things you’ve already created.

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Making the Most of Your Personal Training Website

Get your website right and you have the beginning of a relationship with customers that will buy more and stay longer. Get it wrong and they won’t take a next step and you’ll be scrambling to understand why you can’t attract new clients when you know you have skills that will help. Avoid the mistakes that are most common and use your website to make a simple path to what a customer wants.



Moving from Face-to-Face Training to Online Personal Training

Moving from a brick-and-mortar business serving clients face-to-face daily to a digital business has growing pains. Today’s guest Meredith Shirk shares her experience rapidly growing in the fitness industry from in person to online.

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The Entrepreneurs Summit for High Achievers with Dr Tony Rump

You went into business for more freedom, flexibility, and to be in control. You’re serving others and running yourself into the ground. If you’ve built your business and customers up and feel like you’re tearing yourself down and working more, this is for you. Dr Tony Rump shares his story and the reasons his summit evolved. Struggling to find time to work out yourself? This is your next stop.

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Attract with Simple, Sane Personal Training Marketing Systems

Once you have the mindset of growth, a plan for marketing, you can create systems that make it much easier to track content, repurpose content, spread the content across your social media sites, and then measure results. Clear, simple steps and actions instead of insane scrambling for “good” content with no objective in sight gets results and customers. Third in a 3-part series.

Mapping Out Your Personal Training Marketing

Marketing without a plan feels out of control and keeps you busy without results. If you’re not reverse engineering all your marketing to link directly to the action you want a customer to take, you’ll attract fewer clients than if you’re just sharing information. Create the why before you create the what. Identify the value of content and how it as a first step works only with the follow up to platforms. Second in a series of 3 short podcasts.

The Mindset of Growing Your Personal Training Business

The Mindset of Growing Your Personal Training Business: Marketing is essential to personal training growth. The right mindset about marketing makes the marketing strategies available to you work. In this episode the difference between how you market as actions vs marketing strategies that have a destination, measurable tracking and truly help you grow more quickly with less effort. Part 1 in a 3-part series of short fitness marketing plan posts.